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Milking Cow SG

Available for Pickup and Islandwide Delivery

Milking Cow SG

Available for Pickup and Islandwide Delivery

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What is the shelf life of your products?

  • Overnight Oats/Smoothies/Tea: Best to be consumed within 3 days. Keep refrigerated at below 4 degrees. Keep oats/drinks frozen below -18 degrees celcius if unable to consumed within 3 days, up to 1 week.
    Non-Freezable: Adzuki, Yam
  • Cookies: Best to be consumed within 1 month. Keep refrigerated after 1 month for additional 2 weeks. Please keep ziplock bag close to ensure freshness of cookies.
  • Brownies: Best to be consumed within 2 weeks. Keep refrigerated at below 4 degrees.
  • Avocado Muffin: 1 week refrigerated
  • Oatmeal Pack: Best to be consumed within 1 month in cool dry conditions. Please do not place near heat or humid conditions

Please place oats, smoothies and tea deep inside the fridge as dairy products freshness is highly dependent on the temperature. Fridge temperature should be 4 degrees celcius and below, Freezer temperature should be -18 degrees and below.

What is your delivery charge?

Free delivery with purchase above $80, for purchases below $80, delivery will be at $10. CBD charge will be at $15 per location.

Is self collection option available?

Self collection is available @ Jalan Pelikat Kovan between 12pm - 5pm. Any orders not collected within this agreed time period will have to be collected the next working day at our convenience.
Do inform our staff before 3.30pm one day before for any changes in this matter.

Kindly check with us if your order is ready before coming down for collection. We will appreciate orders to be collected within 15 mins of the agreed collection time.

What is your delivery timing?

Delivery timing is between 12 - 8pm (Monday - Friday)

Please allow up to 60 mins buffer in case of unforeseen traffic conditions. (Latest 9pm)

Can your driver call before delivery?

Our drivers do not call before delivery, please make a note if you require driver to call before delivery and we will try to arrange, no promises!

What is your delivery terms?

Please ensure that someone is at home during delivery timing to place the items in the fridge. In the event where nobody answers the door, courier will place items outside the house. However, if situation arise, Milking Cow SG will not be liable for any spoilage of items.

Please ensure the correct address is given and any re-delivery services will be chargeable depending on one time courier fee (Lalamove bike service).

Which products should i consume?

  • Overnight Oats: Highest success rate for increasing milk supply, have many different flavours to complement the oats and it's super duper yummy!
  • Oatmeal Pack: Great for on the go meals, just add milk! Pack with lots of nutrients and ingredients to boost your milk supply!
  • Smoothies/tea: Great to increase quality of breastmilk and to replace liquid intake of water if you dislike plain water!
  • Cookies/brownies/Muffin: Great alternative for healthy snack without preservatives! Contains milk boosting ingredients as well!

Different mummies, different results. Some take and see an instant difference within the pump, some take a few hours and some even take a few days!

How should i consume them for the best effect?

Take them in the morning as breakfast
Cookies: 2-3 cookies, 1 hour before pumping/latching
Tea/Smoothies: Throughout the day
Brownies/muffin: 1-2 pieces, morning and evening.

What if i cannot finish in one seating?

Do scoop the oats out if you wont be able to consume in one seating, DO NOT saliva contaminate. If saliva contaminated, please consume as soon as possible. Once opened, consumed within the day.

I am not pregnant or breastfeeding, can i consume them?

OF COURSE! Many men and woman whom are not pregnant or breastfeeding do eat our products! Even grandma and grandpas have joined in the craze recently!
And YES, kids super love our chocolate indulgence!

I am pregnant, can i consume them?

Yes you can! It's packed with lots of nutrients and healthy ingredients for mummy and the baby! However, if you're having GD, do speak to our staffs and we will recommend the suitable flavours!

What are the popular flavours?

  • Best seller: Chocolate Indulgence & Mango sticky!
    Healthy and rich in antioxidants: Everything Berries
    Sweet dessert base: Mango Sticky Oats, Adzuki
  • Cookies:
    Best seller: Macadamia White Chocolate, Nutella
    Less Sweet: Raisin, Longan Red Dates, Peanut

*Our cookies are sweet, for non sweet tooth, please request for less sweet (:

Do you collect back your mason jars?

Yes! We would like you to join us in helping to save the earth! For every 1 mason jar return, a store credit of $1 will be given on your purchase. Please key in discount code: XJAR (eg. 1JAR, 2JAR, 3JAR) under discount code before checking out!

Where do you prepare your items?

Our items are all prepared in our very own SFA (Previously NEA) approved kitchen.

Are your products halal?

Our products are made in a kitchen that has no pork no lard. However, some of our products contains brewers yeast and brewer's yeast is haram. Muslims mummies may opt to remove brewers yeast from the products in the notes section.

Any cancellation in orders will result in a 20% service charge, with no exceptions made to cover the administrative cost and credit cards incurred charges

We sincerely seek for your understanding in this matter.
We will reply within 3 working days to all enquiries and schedules for delivery.

Cut-off time daily @ 3pm

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